A racehorse in the Churchill Downs paddock

Poor Horseman is dedicated to helping racing enthusiasts and amateurs alike learn how to buy a racehorse and experience the thrills of ownership without breaking the bank. I started Poor Horseman to document my journey into racehorse ownership. There’s only one problem: I do not own a thoroughbred.

Learn about horse racing

When I first discovered my love for horse racing, I had far more questions than answers. What is a furlong? Why are some horse races called handicaps? How do I read a horse racing program? What do I say when I bet on a horse? What’s in a mint julep? Poor Horseman will teach you horse racing basics, how to bet on horses and what to expect on your first trip to Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.

Buy a racehorse

“How do I buy a racehorse?” I asked myself, and asked a few questions around Louisville. But, how much does it cost to buy a racehorse?  Imagine my surprise when I learned that average people like me can own a share in a racehorse through partnerships and syndicates.

Poor Horseman will show you how to live your dream and own a racehorse, whether you dream of seeing your horse draped in the famous Garland of Roses at the Kentucky Derby, joining your horse in the paddock before the race, or simply watching your horse run under the shadow of the twin spires of Churchill Downs.

Who is the Poor Horseman?

My name is Dustin. Read about me or watch the video below and, if you see me at the track, stop by and say hi. Thank you for visiting Poor Horseman. Follow along on Twitter and YouTube as I pursue my dream to stand in the winner’s circle at Churchill Downs. I am a long shot- just like Aristides when he won the first Kentucky Derby!